Monday, August 05, 2013

Crash, bang, boom, owwww.....

I was hoping to do more regular updates as part of the reboot, I was going to write something for Canada day, but got too busy.  On Canada day, while pulling some ivy off the house we are currently staying at, the ladder I was on went right, I went left and landed on my shoulder which promptly dislocated.  As I moved to get up, it popped back in.  So I get to meet a couple of nice paramedics, who haul me off to NYGH for a going over.  This meant being seen by a young ER doctor, who sent me for X-rays, yeah it's back in place, but it looks like a crack in the greater tuberosity in the joint, but we can't tell completely, so off for a CT scan.  Yup, bone is cracked.  See the Orthopaedic surgeon who will do nothing about the crack, but we need an ultrasound to see if the rotator cuff is damaged, and whether anything surgical will be needed, in the future.  The Ultrasound showed that the rotator cuff was okay.  I need to see the Surgeon again the end of August.  In the mean time, there are exercises to do, to regain range of motion, and to strengthen the shoulder again. 

One thing it does mean, little sleep, because it's hard to get comfortable to sleep, I expect the six week mark, when the bone is healed, may be a watershed in this regard.  The good thing, pretty much any arm injury I have ever had, has been on the same side, broke it, twice, messed up the nerves, and now the shoulder.  So I have one good arm, and one bad arm, at least I write with my good one. 

This does mean though that I am off the bikes, for July and most of August, prime riding time....

Bike Stats for June:   Target 170km, Actual 146  Difference -24
Bike Stats for July:  None.

Picture of the week:

A word about photographs, some photographs are manipulated a little, for example this weeks photo was taken with my little Canon point and shoot camera, which is a colour digital camera, it was then converted to B&W and a nice brown tone added.  This is similar to what might be done in a darkroom.   Images that appear here are smaller and higher compression so they load faster online.  If you see an image where you would like to purchase a print, then please submit a comment that includes contact information and when it was posted and I will get back to you. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Once in a while a Blog like a computer needs a reboot, and after pretty much abandoning this place for a few years, I think it needs a reboot. Much of the lack of activity is because I ran out of things to say. If you look, all of the old posts are gone. That is intentional, because I want to take it a different direction. It will now be more about stats and places, more centred around a new part of Toronto, where I am again, at least temporarily. That's partly the way of things when your spouse is a church minister, you move around a little. The stats are cycling related, more about how far I want to go, and whether I get there or not.
 Last Weeks Target 36km actual 29km difference -7km This Weeks Target 40km.

This weeks Photo:
This was taken a few years ago in the Distillery District of Toronto. I don't know if it's still there, the Photo is entitled, Rust in Pieces.